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Return & Exchange

Return & Exchange

Can you Return or Exchange products?

Yes, if you received a damaged, wrong product or would like to exchange it

You can return the product in the same condition, while preserving the product packaging

And within 24 hours of receipt

When is a return or exchange not possible?

If the order is placed outside the specified time frame, 24 hours of receipt

And if the product is used and not in the same condition as before receipt

Anything missing from the package including free stickers and accessories

Non-returnable products?

Cosmetics, personal care products, underwear and swimwear, electrical appliances and furniture

And as described in the Consumer Protection Law and its implementing regulations

How long does it take to receive returned or exchanged products?

The delivery team for your city will contact you as soon as we are informed

How will I get a refund in case of a return?

The value will be deposited in your Wazi Online e-wallet, and you can complete purchases through it with ease

Can I exchange or change a product instead of getting a refund?

Yes you can and you will be exempted from the following shipping cost

Who pays the delivery fee when returning the product?

Wazi Online will cover the shipping fees for returned products

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy serving them to you.

If you have any questions or suggestions, we are pleased to serve you.

Customer Services         00218910099176
Technical support          00218910099170
Delivery Department    00218910099171
Corporate Section          00218910099172

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Greetings to you

Wazi Online Team

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