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How Do I Shop

How Do I Shop

Shopping on Wazi online is very easy, browsing & searching is a simple process, start by following these simple steps:

1: Search and browse for products
2: Identify the desired product and add it to the shopping cart
3: Review your shopping cart, and log in if you haven't already
4: Confirm the purchase order

Detailed explanation of the shopping process

1 Search and browse products
We have a wide range of great products to choose from
If you are looking for a specific product, use the search box located at the top, simply enter what you want to search for, and you will get amazing results.
And if you want to browse a wide range of specific products, use the sections, choose your favorite section, and we will provide you with the best products in each section you want.
2 Identify the desired product and add it to the shopping cart
Check the desired product with pictures and specifications. We offer you the best offers. Click the Add to Cart button, and discover more offers and other products that you may also like to purchase.
3 Review your shopping cart, and log in if you haven't already
Enter the shopping cart to confirm the products you want to buy, and click on the checkout button to complete the purchase
If you are an existing user, log in to your account, and if you have not registered yet, you can easily do so via the phone number, and attach your data and your receiving address.
4 Confirm the purchase order
When you fill in the details of the address you want to receive your order, save it, confirm the address and click on the Continue to payment button
Click on the shipping method. Flat Shipping Rate, which is the fee for delivery according to the "city", and click Continue to pay
Choose your preferred payment method, Cash on Delivery, and click on the Continue button

Thus, the purchase was completed
The delivery representative will contact you
To deliver the order to you at the door of the house within 1 day to 10 days

We hope that we have made it easier for you to explain the method of shopping through our website / application, with Wazi Online your order will be completely safe and secure until the completion of the process of reaching the product to you, so trust and quality are our advantage, and we also work with reliable delivery companies to provide wonderful products as quickly as possible and in every Libyan city

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy serving them to you.

If you have any questions or suggestions, we are pleased to serve you.

Customer Services         00218910099176
Technical support          00218910099170
Delivery Department    00218910099171
Corporate Section          00218910099172

Wazi for E-Commerce Services / R.N Commercial Registration 62598

Greetings to you

Wazi Online Team

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