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Products Guarantee

Products Guarantee

We are working to provide protection to our customers through insurance provided by suppliers, and through our team, so please keep the warranty card and the box to benefit from warranty services

About the guarantee
Warranty types:
operation warranty, 3 months warranty, 6 months warranty, 1 year and 2 years
Maintenance: external damages, broken screens, manufacturing defects, shocks and electric current
Cost: Free during the warranty period

When you want to make a change or maintenance, follow these steps

Contact customer service to complete the process
You will receive a directive message containing customer data and product information
Pack the item in the original box, and deliver it to our representative at the shipping company
Upon receiving the item at our warehouse, we will inspect it and serve you again as soon as possible

Most frequently asked questions
Lost warranty card or serial number on the product, what to do?
If the warranty card or serial number is lost on the box, we cannot cover the costs of maintenance
Please do not tamper with the serial number on the box or lose the warranty card
Can I maintain the external damage of the product through the protection guarantee?
Yes, the protection guarantee includes maintenance against external damage, according to the type of warranty attached to the product
How many times can I send the product for free maintenance?
You can service the products every time you need them during the warranty period

The warranty does not apply to any damages caused by
Using accessories that are not compatible with the product
Not following the instructions attached to the product
Disassembly of the commodity outside our authorized centers
Loss of the warranty card or the serial number on the box

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy serving them to you.

If you have any questions or suggestions, we are pleased to serve you.

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Corporate Section          00218910099172

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Greetings to you

Wazi Online Team

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